You Asked, We Answered

Where does Luna Hire deliver to?

We are a Geelong-based company but are happy to service Victoria wide. We offer free delivery to Greater Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula and Surfcoast Shire. If you live out of these areas, send us an email for a delivery quote and we'd be happy to help.

Do you offer pick-up?

Our private cinema packages and fairy floss cart require our set-up and installation (take that time to put your feet up and relax), however our bar cart is available for collection from our North Geelong warehouse. A van or truck equipped with load restraints will be required to safely transport it.

How much space do I need for the Cinema Packages?

We have two screen options available to cater for Victoria's unpredictable climate because we know there's nothing worse than the rain ruining your plans. 


Our outdoor inflatable screen requires 6m2 clear access to allow for tethering and projector positioning. It measures 4.5 metres (cnr to cnr) with total dimensions of 3.8m wide x 2.6m high. Access to power is required, however we can run extension cables of up to 20 metres. If you require set-up at a location not easily accessible to power, then we can provide generators at an additional charge.

Our steel frame screen is the perfect indoor/garage/patio option and has a similar viewing area of the inflatable screen. It measures 2.8 Metres wide and 2.3 Metres high and requires 4.4 metres depth for projector positioning.

Both screen set-ups will have cabling running from the centre of the screen to the projector table. We will set up your seating similar to that of a cinema, with an aisle in place removing all chances for the funny ones to make shadow puppets mid-film!

I've hired an outdoor cinema package but what if it rains on the night?

As Victorian's, we know how unpredictable our weather can be but never fear, we can provide you with an indoor screen solution as a suitable alternative (subject to availability). However, we know this won't always work for your situation so if the weather is looking a little dicey 48 hours out from your event, we will contact you to offer a transfer of dates. Full refund available if cancellation is made 30 days from your event date. 

And what happens if it's windy?

Our inflatable screens start looking like those whacky waving inflatables you see outside car yards if the wind gets too squally and who likes sitting outside in the wind anyway? So, as with our wet weather provisions; if the forecast is looking like high winds for your event (the type where you hair sticks to your lipgloss!) then we will arrange with you a transfer to another less blowy date or offer the use of our steel screen (subject to availability)

Can you screen movies during the day?

This one makes us a little sad but we're afraid projectors are designed for optimal viewing clarity at night. You can make the image out but it's quality is compromised by natural and artificial light. We set up your screens approximately 5pm (season dependent) and encourage your screen your movie after sundown.

Do you provide the movies?

We'd love to cater to everyone's tastes but just like music, movie preferences vary greatly. You can screen your movie via DVD/Bluray (we provide the player) or directly through one of your streaming subscriptions. You simply connect your laptop or Apple TV in to our projetor's HDMI outlet and voila, your own home cinema.

I still have questions, where can I find the answers?

You probably noticed we hire far more than just cinema packages, so understand if you have other questions. We love to help you, so drop us a line hello@lunahire.com.au or speak to us live by clicking on the "Let's Chat" pop up on your screen right now