A party isn’t a party without a jumping castle.

Kids love jumping castles, especially during parties. A good jumping castle is fun, but who says you can’t improve it? Thinking about how to make your party unforgettable can help you come up with ideas to make things way more fun!

Why Should You Add Jumping Castles for Every Occasion?

Children have different personalities, tastes, and interests. One could love playing sports, another loves to play with cars, and another might enjoy playing with dolls or watching Disney movies.

There are lots of ways you can style our all white jumping castle to your party theme, with custom decals, aerial streamers from our friends at Style Our Party, balloon garlands and signage.

It’s a great way to make an event feel more personal. Your children will love having a jumping castle they can be proud of.

A little bit of creativity makes jumping castles more engaging and meaningful. Just try out any of the ideas below, and kids will love you for it.

Here are some ideas to make your party’s jumping castles even more fun:

Add A Balloon Garland

With a number of trusted suppliers in Geelong and Melbourne, Luna Hire can refer you to an incredible balloon artist to help bring your all white jumping castle to life. Match it to your party theme and colours and you will have a stand out feature at your party.

Play Musical Statues

If you play rock music inside a jumping castle, it’s even more fun. You just need your phone and a timer set to play music at random intervals.

One of the kids will stand with his back to a wall, waiting for the music to stop so they can face the other kids. They will be out of the game if anyone moves when the music stops. This may seem pretty simple, but remember, they are standing in a bouncy castle. While this makes it more exciting, it also requires more concentration.


Jumping castles are fantastic! They’re easy and fun to play with. Children will love them and want to hop on them as soon as possible. As a parent, you can rest easy knowing that the children are having fun and sit back and relax.

If you're planning a party, rent jumping castles with Luna Hire. We can provide exciting jumping castles, private outdoor cinema hire, fairy floss carts, a mobile bar cart, slushie machine, and much more. Contact us and let our products create your dream event in Geelong, Torquay and Bellarine Peninsula and make your party a huge success!

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