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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Coffee Cart at Your Next Event

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Event planners are inundated with decisions and people to please, and if there's one thing guaranteed to bring people together, it's a cup of freshly-brewed, cafe-quality coffee. Hire a mobile coffee cart for added versatility and easy set-up. An essential for many Australians, it's a crowd-pleaser at any event.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Coffee Cart at Your Next Event

There's no doubt that a coffee cart offers convenience and a unique experience for your guests, which is why it is essential at promotional expos and product launches. But if you're planning an event, there are several factors to consider before hiring a mobile coffee cart to roam in the reception.

Reasons to Hire a Coffee Cart

1 - Make a Good Impression on Your Guests

In a practical sense, you are making a good impression on your guests. Most people love coffee, and they love it served with style and in a timely manner. With a coffee cart, you can offer a hot, local brew right to their seats. They can come to your stand for a coffee refill throughout the day and feel welcomed and special.

2 - Convenience

If you're planning a large-scale production, having a coffee cart on hand will make everything run smoothly. Your vendors and staff can grab a coffee throughout the day, and it will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable to approach your booth with coffee in hand.

3 - Promote Your Coffee Brand

Coffee carts send the message that your company values its customers and is dedicated to providing quality coffee. People will associate good coffee with your company and come back for more. Build a loyal fan base and promote your coffee brand at the same time.

Considerations to Make

1 - Cost

Having a coffee cart at your event can reduce the need to hire a food truck. Rather than feeding your guests, you can offer them a cup of good coffee, which makes it more cost-efficient. If you're planning a long-running event, you can send the same staff over again to serve your guests.

2 - Variety

If you're not offering food at your event, you might want to consider serving both coffee and some kind of hot beverage. By offering hot chocolate or even tea, you're offering an alternative to your guests who don't care for coffee.

3 - Location

You'll want to keep your coffee cart in a visible and convenient location that is near your staff and in view of the public. Make sure the cart is accessible to your staff and easy to reach for your guests.


It's always a good idea to offer your guests a warm cup of coffee. Make them feel welcome with a mobile coffee cart that is easy to access and offers a unique experience. If you want to give your guests a memorable experience that they'll talk about, hire a mobile coffee cart at your next event. With a cart on hand, you can provide staff with a caffeine fix and give your guests a warm drink with style.

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